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You are viewing the fourth issue of Documentica. It’s a series of stories that feature local and international artists, creatives and thinkers.

Documentica No. 4 celebrates the legendary Jonas Mekas (1922 - 2019 ), a Lithuanian-born American filmmaker, poet and artist, known as the “godfather of American avant-garde cinema”. Having experienced both, Russian and German occupations, being captured by the Nazis, later - escaping to New York, USA, Jonas Mekas has experienced his youth as a displaced person. Being a poet he believed that poetry cannot be written in a non-native language, therefore he created a visual language of his own. The poems became movies, and movies - a way of communication, a way of finding a place.

“Watching my films, you can follow my life from the moment I landed in New York. People come into it, the children are born and they grow up. it’s a huge narrative, huge story. Within that story there are moments that are poetry. Then I stop and concentrate on that moment. And it might be just a flower.”